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How to Support Your Main Idea in a College Term Paper

At this stage of the game you already know that one of the most important parts of a term paper is the main idea. The main idea of a term paper is basically the meat and potatoes of the term paper. Students tend to think that writing a main idea, or a thesis statement, has to be some long drawn-out process; that is not the case at all. The thesis is one of the main focal points of the paper, but it just as important to know how to support the thesis properly in the term paper. Here are a few ideas.

  1. It’s all about the facts- The most obvious way to support your main idea is with facts. The key to doing this is by not bombarding the reader with basic, not-so-fun to read facts. Instead, sprinkle your paper with interesting or less-known facts to keep the reader interested. Of course, always verify your sources prior to using the facts.
  2. Don’t go dry- Some subjects may be boring; in this case you should use humor or catchy sentences when possible. Again, this is just another way to write your facts.
  3. Accuracy- Clearly you need to make sure your facts are accurate. How can you support your main idea if your term paper is full of inaccuracies? You can’t.
  4. Placement of facts- Students tend to think that the main facts of a term paper should go in the beginning bodies of the paper. That may be where you want to put your strongest facts, but the truth is that your entire paper should contain facts. This will make your main idea stand out more and make it stronger to the reader.

Finding facts may be more of a challenge than you may realize at first, especially with a topic that has an abundance of facts to pull from. Take the time to do the proper research and get fun, unique, interesting, and less-known facts to support your main idea. Another tip to keep in mind when it comes to using facts is to put them in the right place throughout the paper. In other words, the paper needs to flow nicely with the facts and not jump all over the place; this will only confuse the reader and keep them off-track. Follow these tips for supporting your main idea and your paper will be sure to stand out.

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