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A List of Unexplored Economics Term Paper Topics

Today’s current and recent past economic crises have fueled the subject of economy with new debates, new theories about how to improve economic climates. Debate always inspires thought and research and, therefore, the American economy alone provides us with a huge body of research topics today.

Economics has many interesting and complex theories that one can discuss in any term paper. Just to explain some theories would take an essay alone.

Often, one good solution is to take topics your instructor seems to find interesting, or refers to often and ask why they find it so fascinating and how could one weave a researched essay out of this issue in economics.

Finding Good Topics for Economic Class Essays

First, look at a book you already own – your textbook. Look at the concepts of economics your studying and try to puzzle out some of the economic questions your book asks you to ponder.

Economics relies on the past and present economics to construct laws of predictability about what will happen next. This is why a lot of economic theory is personal opinion woven in with researched information. This means that your theories are welcome to be presented, as long as they are backed up with solid evidence from your research.

In any essay, you’ll want to present solid research from good, reliable sources you can find in your library. Also, with economics, it is best to ask your librarian how to find peer reviewed economics articles as these articles have been checked for accuracy and are approved by respected economic educators and scholars. Peer edited means they’ve double-checked every economic theory, assertion, survey, and every number the essay contains to see that it is accurate before deeming it as a “peer reviewed” article. With most students only relying on web data, it will be highly impressive if you show your teacher you are taking your research as seriously as one should.

Original Topics for Economics Essays

  1. The Insanely Completive Economic Market of Fast Food
  2. The Economics of Japan Compare to American
  3. The Health Insurance Industry in America
  4. Obamacare and the Economic Industry
  5. How Has Obamacare Affected the American Middle Class and Lower Class Economy?
  6. The Future of China’s Economy
  7. Raising Taxes on Cigarettes: Does it Stop Smoking or Increase Tax Revenues
  8. The Economic Impact of Global Warming
  9. Should More Be Done Economically to Save Endangered Species
  10. The Effect of Immigration on the American Economy
  11. The Great Recession: Three Ways We Can Avoid a Repetition of It.
  12. The Industrial Revolution in Britain: Causes and Effects
  13. The Asian Currency Crisis: An Overview
  14. What’s Next For China’s Economic Development
  15. The Death Penalty: An Economic Analysis
  16. An Explanation of the Theory of Dynamic Preference
  17. Are We Moving Toward a Cashless Economy
  18. The Olympics: Is it Just a Cash Cow?
  19. Going Green: Its Economical Impact
  20. Solar Energy and Economic Growth

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