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Interesting Research Paper Topics About Sports: 19 Unique Suggestions

Finding some interesting research paper topics on sports is not that difficult however most interesting research paper topics on this subject have been already covered. You will need to look for something original. Here are some interesting research paper topics on the same on which you can base your writing.

List of topics to work on:

  1. The history of drug and steroid usage among famous athletes. How does a player draw a line and know which drugs to use for boosting performance.
  2. Some of the most popular sports in third world countries.
  3. The most expensive athleticses and the people who play it.
  4. Why does football enjoy worldwide popularity?
  5. The dietary needs of a athlete and how do you think he sustains himself
  6. The story of America’s most successful sportsman.
  7. One of the most dangerous athleticses that have been banned and the reason you think it has been banned.
  8. Why mountain climbing is called the king of all athleticses.
  9. What is more important in a game? Team spirit or individual skills as a player.
  10. How does a sport make chances for other non player to get employment?
  11. Does the amount of media coverage a sport gets, affect the quality of a game?
  12. Which is the most underrated sport in the country? Does it need media attention?
  13. How important is infrastructure if a country wishes to make it big in the international athleticses scene?
  14. How does an injury affect the psychology of a player?
  15. What makes for a successful comeback in athleticses?
  16. Boxing as a sport has been tamed down a lot. Do you support the intervention of committees and human right activists in a game’s core values?
  17. One medieval sport that has withstood the test of time and prospered?
  18. How importance is practice compared to personal skills when it comes to sports.
  19. Given a chance which game would be banned by the country’s government?

Ideas to work on for your paper

These are some of the easiest subjects to write on but you can also change the angel and explore it in a different light. It does not necessarily mean that you will have to write on these specific points but you can develop an idea round any of the points given above. You will have to be creative and come up with interesting ideas yourself. You can read a few spot blogs to come with suggestions that can be translated into a successful write-up.

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