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Unique Research Paper Topics: Getting Great Grades


Unique ideas can come from interacting with:


Shift Your Perspective

Approach each interaction with a critical mind and be on the lookout for things that don’t totally make sense. In general, the best approach to coming up with a new, unique and creative idea is to read, do research, discuss it and then analyze it until you feel saturated with information and just can’t take any more. The inspiration frequently comes during a planned break.


Get Into a Challenging State of Mind

Don’t believe everything that you hear or read. Invite others to challenge you. Get into a debate and try to disprove something you thought was true. Discussing things with others that are studying the same discipline as you may be helpful for test preparation, but if you want to come up with truly unique ideas, meet up with people who are in different disciplines that are more likely to make “silly” observations and ask “foolish” questions.


Making Time for Inspiration Is Essential

No matter what you do to challenge your thinking, if you are busy all the time, inspiration will not be able to find you. You need to take a break for your mind and body and allow the inspiration to come. No matter what you do to get there, it usually comes down to on-the-spot inspiration. Take a break by sipping some hot cocoa and relaxing on the sofa, taking a warm bath or any other activity that is completely mentally unchallenging; let your mind wander. Doze off if you will. Be ready to take notes and jot down your ideas when they pop into your head.


Capturing the Spark of Inspiration

New and unique ideas usually come when you are in the middle of doing something else or nothing at all. It is very important to have an idea-capture tool with you at all times. Always keep a small notepad nearby or keep your smartphone charged so that you can capture that spark of inspiration in Evernote. If you only have half of an idea, jot it down. The partial ideas can end up being even more powerful later when you can hone in on a truly useful and unique research topic.


Nurturing the Spark of Inspiration

Ideally you will end up with so many questions that you will not have enough time in this lifetime to answer them all. Build a list of ideas. Then the next time that you choose to begin doing research, simply look over your list and choose the idea that is most appropriate. You will never run out of unique ideas.


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