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Guidelines on How to Write a Term Paper on a Scientific Topic

The main aspect that you need to bear in mind when writing a term paper on a scientific topic is that the results section is going to be very important and you must take great care when leading up to his section.

Scientific writing uses a slightly different format from writing in other fields of study.

  1. Pay attention to how other scientific writers present their work. As you become more aware of the differences between writing for a science subject in comparison to writing for a humanities subject you will come to appreciate the differences in the amount of knowledge you gain as well as an improvement in your own writing style.
  2. To not try to use words that you do not normally use in your writing. You will find that if you do this then your writing may not flow as well as it could. If you understand the basic concepts of the scientific knowledge you are writing about then that will be demonstrated in your writing. If you use a different vocabulary then it may appear that you do not really understand what your are writing about.
  3. With practice you will be able to write with accuracy, precision and represent your topic effectively.

So how do your start the process of writing your scientific term paper? Good planning and order is the best way forward.

  1. Take care that you have thought about your topic. What references are you going to use?
  2. Arrange the facts in order. This important because the chances are if you do not present the facts in the right order, not only is it confusing to the reader it will be confusing for you as you try to complete your paper. Confusion causes more confusion. Rearrange the order if you need to.
  3. Think about the order of the sections of your paper. Now start dividing your work into sections.

Ready to start the outline to your paper?

  1. Remember other people may like to read your paper, so write as if you have a greater audience than you tutor, or the other students in your class.
  2. Don’t forget the basics. Such as:
    • Every paragraph should have a topic sentence, a body and a concluding sentence that leads on to the next paragraph.
    • The actual goal of your paper, which ultimately should be to report you findings and offer some guidance on the reasons for your findings.
  3. Be precise, be clear and concise. Don’t use 20 words when 5 will do.
  4. Don’t write in the first person.

Good Luck

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