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Creating a Good Research Paper Title on the Civil War

A title is a very important part of your research paper. Its purpose is to explain to your readers what they should expect from your paper in a single sentence. This means that you should be very careful when creating a title for your paper on the Civil War. In this article you may find some good tips on this matter.

Here you may also look at the topics that are related to the Civil War and might inspire you on coming up with your own interesting idea.

  1. The reasons for Oklahoma Cherokee to fight for the South.
  2. Ironclads and their influence on the development of naval warfare.
  3. Amendments to the Constitution that were made due to the Civil War.
  4. The most prominent poets who wrote the poetry of the Civil War.
  5. Splitting of the families during the Civil War: real life examples.
  6. The impact of African American troops on the Civil War.
  7. The influence of the Civil War on the railroad industry.
  8. Post traumatic stress and other consequences for veterans of the Civil War.
  9. Southern generalship and the features of its training.
  10. The reasons that caused a failure of the Peninsular Campaign.
  11. The significance of the Mississippi river from a strategic point of view.
  12. The famous Civil War songs and the history of their emergence.

These tips will help you find a good topic and compose a decent title for your research paper.

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