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Composing a Topic for My Psychology Research Paper

Psychology offers a wide variety of research paper topics to choose from. You will save your time significantly if you study the following basic rules of composing a topic:

Once you have understood how you should choose your topic, you can look through several websites that contain lists of hot topics for psychology research. As an example, study interesting topics for research papers in psychology below.

  1. America’s obsession with Chinese and Italian food.
  2. Child obesity and relationships within a family.
  3. TV and video games as a cause of obesity.
  4. Stress and poor exam results in high school.
  5. Effects of incidents on mental health.
  6. Teenage pregnancy and its influence on social development.
  7. The main reasons for depression among students.
  8. Causes of stress and the ways to fight it.
  9. The role of sexual education for young children.
  10. The ways short term memory works.
  11. Aging and mental diseases.
  12. The influence of an office environment on the personnel’s motivation.
  13. Music and its influence on a person’s mood.
  14. The reasons for teenage suicide.
  15. The psychology behind a long-lasting marriage.

After choosing a research topic, you should do a background study. You will learn new aspects about the topic, narrow it down, and come up with your paper’s title. Look through your textbook and scan subject-specific encyclopedias devoted to psychology. Do not forget to visit your library and collect several books and articles related to your chosen topic. A librarian can help you compose a great topic or find sources that are useful in order to develop your chosen topic. When you are done with the literature review, you can visit your supervisor to approve the topic and make sure it is appropriate.

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