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What is a thesis statement?

Thesis statement is the most important part of a research paper. It summarizes your argument. The thesis, which typically appears at the end of your introductory paragraph, not only tells your reader the point of your paper; it also serves as the hinge upon which the rest of your paper revolves. It serves as a road map of sorts. You should therefore spend a good deal of time refining your thesis.

Here are a few questions that will help you write and refine and your thesis statement.

  1. Is it debatable?
  2. Your thesis statement should be controversial, or at least debatable. If no one would argue with your thesis, then why are you going to spend an entire paper discussing it? To claim that the sky is blue is a great exercise in stating the obvious, but it doesn’t make for a good thesis statement. To claim, on the other hand, that the sky is less blue today because of pollution is a great start to a research paper.

  3. What type of thesis?
  4. The nature of your thesis will depend on what type of paper you’re writing and what sort of claim you’re making. Are you disputing a matter of fact, claiming that one thing causes another, or arguing that one thing is better than another? Which one of the following does your thesis do?

    • Make a value judgment
    • Determine cause or effect
    • Dispute fact or definition
    • Offer a solution

  5. Is it narrow?
  6. Your thesis statement should been narrow. If your thesis is so broad that you couldn’t possibly provide enough evidence to support it within the confines of your paper, then you need to narrow down your statement.

  7. Is it clear?
  8. Without a clear, straightforward thesis statement, you’re going to have a difficult time maintaining focus throughout your paper. Again, your thesis helps both you and your reader focus on what’s important. If you’re thesis is confusing, you can be sure the rest of your paper will be as well.

Sample Thesis Statements:

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