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How Can I Write a Research Paper: Using Online Sources?

The wide world web has opened up many research opportunities for you to use as you write your paper. If you use the right databases that are valid and credible, then your paper will be stronger. Use the following tips for finding and using online sources.

Ask Your Teacher or Librarian

Ask your teacher and librarian what databases your school subscribes to and then ask for the user names and the passwords. It is a guarantee that your school will use academic credible sources. Take advantage of the fact that the school bought the subscription because those subscriptions can be quite expensive.

Key Words

When it seems as if you have hit a dead end, there is help. Rearrange the order of your key words when you are searching. Then look at your keywords, and if possible, begin to replace them with synonyms. Do not be afraid to dig deep and look at all your key word searches, you never know what you will find.

Newspapers and Magazines

Most reputable newspapers and magazines have archived their back editions. And most newspapers and magazines have a search tool that can help you to locate the articles relative to your topic.

Contact Information

In some classes you will need primary sources. You can go to a company or college web site and look under the staff directory. The staff should be sorted by job title or department. You can look up the people who have to do with your field or who are experts in your field and email them questions about your topic.


Most encyclopedias have online versions these days. While the encyclopedia might not help you with the argument aspect of your paper, it may give you a lot of background material on your subject. You will need that material in the opening paragraph of your paper.

Writing Rules

You can even look up rules and formats for writing if you have forgotten how the paper should be formatted. Many sites tell you how to use the APA and the MLA paper style rules.

You can now do all of your research for your papers and projects from home by using the web. This is nice because you never have to leave your couch to finish your paper. There are many reputable places you can go to for information and help.

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