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A List Of Exciting Art History Research Paper Topics

Good essay styles for writing exciting art history research papers

If you need to write an art history research paper then there are several different types of essay that you can choose from, unless of course you’ve already been assigned a format. Some good examples are listed below.

A descriptive paper is ideal for describing an artwork.

A compare and contrast paper could be used to highlight the differences and similarities between do different art movements.

You could use an argumentative paper to discuss why you think a particular artist was more prominent in a particular art movement than any other.

You could use a history paper to look at different art movements from the past.

You could use an analytical paper to describe why an artist shows to make piece of art in a certain way or why they chose to use the materials that they did.

Choose a topic that interests you so that it will interest the reader as well

Whichever style of essay you choose, it is important that you pick a topic that interests you. If you are interested in the topic then you’re more likely to write engaging and exciting content. As a result, whoever reads the article is likely to experience your passion and enjoy what you have written a lot more. However, if you choose something that you’re not so interested in then it can lead you losing interest during the writing process, which can result in a poorly written paper.

A list of topics about art history to choose from

For further inspiration, the list below outlines various articles and essays that you could choose to write about.

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