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Academic Writing Solutions: A Term Paper Proposal Layout

The layout of your term paper proposal is very important, so you need to get it just right. And there’s no point in getting a poor grade because you used the wrong arrangement of sections. So, make use of this handy term paper proposal layout, and get the grades you deserve.

Section 1: A suggested topic

The first section of your work should describe your suggested term paper topic. Make sure you choose a topic that interests you or matters to you, so that you can focus on it with ease. Also ensure that your topic is one that you can research properly, as your paper will be of a poor quality if your topic is too obscure to research.

Section 2: An explanation

The second section is essentially an explanation of your choice of subject matter. So, you need to explain why you’ve chosen the topic you have. You can explain why you chose the particular topic by discussing any personal significance it has for you. Alternatively, you can explain that you chose the topic because it interests you, and then explain exactly why it interests you.

Section 3: A suggested title

In this section of your work you need to give the suggested title of your term paper. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a tentative title, as this is only the proposal for your work, so it’s not set in stone. But, you must give a suggested title, as it’s an important part of the work.

Section 4: A brief summary

Now you need to write a basic description of what your essay will be all about. You need not go into too much detail, as it’s just meant to be a short summary.

Section 5: A tentative outline

This section must contain a tentative outline for your essay, so you need to include your title page, contents page, summary, introduction, purpose, background, other headings and subheadings, findings, discussions, conclusion, list of references, and any appendices you think you’ll include. Remember that you’re just required to list the basic outline, not write a draft of your term paper.

Section 6: List of planned references

The final section should be a list of references that you plan to use in your work. Again, it’s not set in stone, so you can change it when you actually write your term paper.

Hopefully, you can use this useful guide to format your term paper proposal correctly. Then no arrangement of headings will stand in your way of an excellent grade!

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