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A list of advice on how to write an outline for a thesis paper

When you write an academic essay, it is important that you go above and beyond a miscellaneous observation. In order to write a good academic essay, you need to have an argument first and foremost. The argument you make needs to answer a question or a handful of questions. It needs to prove something, through the development of a single thesis. To prove this thesis, you need evidence and reasoning. You need to include apt examples and citations from sources that help to support your argument. Gathering this evidence often requires reading multiple sources of text with a provisional thesis or question in mind.

If you are not assigned a topic thesis statement, then your first step in writing an academic essay is to formulate one that is close to the question you are answering in your paper. Once you have done this, your job is to develop and refine your thesis by jotting down notes for a provisional topic. You don’t want to become committed prematurely to your first thesis, as often it will change during the course of your work. Pursue it and test it by asking yourself what the opposing argument is. You need to be prepared to qualify or revise your work as it unfolds.

There are multiple ways in which your particular argument can be presented. But the organization of your essay, meaning how it starts and develops and then ends, need to be designed in such a way that it presents your argument in a persuasive and clear manner. The order in which you uncovered parts of your argument is not often the same order you want o use when presenting the final argument to the reader. Some more successful ways to compose an essay include the following:

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