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A List of Top 10 Economics Research Paper Topics

If you are taking an economics class, you will probably have to write a research paper. Once you have written a research paper in one class, you can rest assured that writing research papers for other classes will involve the same skills. For many students, the task of coming up with a good topic is the key to making research paper writing a success or not. To help you with your research paper writing, here are 10 topics that you can use:

  1. The Economy of Geography
  2. Homeownership and Race
  3. The Economy of Public Education and Schools of Choice
  4. The Price of Buying Locally
  5. Crime and the Local Economy
  6. Selling Energy
  7. Economics of Water Supply and Demand
  8. Economics and Natural Disasters
  9. Sin Taxes on Fast Food
  10. Local economies and movie production

Pick a Topic that Fits with Your Course

The economics research paper that you choose will be determined by the type of economics course you are taking. If you are in a macroeconomics course, you will want topics that will affect society at large. Good topics for macroeconomics involve the global marketplace, fiscal frugality, and how epidemics affect global economies. If you have a microeconomics, you will want a topic that affects individuals rather than groups. Topics like the economic impact of health care on families or how tax hikes or cuts affect families with different levels of income.

Ask Your Professor for Assistance

When you begin your hunt for an economics term paper idea, your professor can be one of your best tools of support. Many professors have collections of topics of papers that have been written in previous years. You might be able to look through the list of topics and get inspired.

Turn to the News

If your professor cannot help, then you could turn to the variety of different international news programs that report on economics around the world. You will certainly get the most timely topics by watching the news and using it for inspiration.

Large Ideas to Narrow Down

Other options for research paper topics include large topics like sports, poverty, agriculture, trade, human trafficking, globalization, capitalism, and so many more. When you choose your economics topic, make sure it is a topic that you can spend time working on, because you will. When you choose a topic that you enjoy, it will show in the quality of your writing.

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