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15 winning genetics research paper topics you can use

If you are studying the field of genetics and in need of a winning research paper topic you can use you are in luck. Genetics is such a vast and ever-growing field that there are countless options for paper topics.

For example you can write about:

If you have a particular focus in genetics you might consider the examples below. For animal genetics you can write about:

For behavioral genetics you can write about:

If your specialty is in biochemistry you can write about:

If your focus is cancer you can write about:

If your specialty is cell biology and you are in need of topics consider writing on:

For those with a specialty in development you can consider writing about:

Anyone with a specialty in DNA and RNA might focus on:

Of course the examples above only cover a handful of generic genetic research paper topics and a handful of topics from different specialties within the field. If you are still struggling to find a topic that fits your specialty consult with your professor or review your course notes and text books for inspiration.

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