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15 Research Paper Topics About Vietnam Veterans

If you're searching for 15 research paper topics about Vietnam veterans consider the examples below:

  1. The first thing you can review is post dramatic stress and its relation to Vietnam veterans.

  2. You can compare Vietnam veterans to World War II veterans and how those who served in World War II came home to parades and big events that celebrated their service and recognize them but after Vietnam there was less of a positive welcome and a great deal of negativity by those who opposed the war toward anyone who was in the war. You can review how the commemorative walls and memorials only served to deepen the wounds that these individuals felt after serving and losing many of their friends

  3. You can explore the high rate of suicide among Vietnam veterans and how many people pay more attention to the death which was brought about by Agent Orange and other diseases but not many people pay attention to the high rate of suicides

  4. You can review the social attitudes that were displayed towards those who fought in the Vietnam War and the way they were misrepresented and criticized upon returning home

  5. You can explore the bitter harvest of agent orange and how many people who returned from that war without physical injuries did not yet realize that they were going to suffer from serious psychological problems and long-term diseases

  6. You can review healthcare which Vietnam veterans are given and how poor that healthcare is

  7. you can review the devastating effects that the war had on those who returned from fighting in terms of breaking down their families and their relationships

  8. You can explain homelessness and how prevalent it was following this particular war as a result of the inability or the lack of addressing unique mental and psychosocial needs.

  9. You can explore housing for those who came back and weathered the military provided housing adequately for those who returned

  10. You can explore the use of music to convey social commentary and how certain songs can still be used today to express opinions about what took place

  11. You can review different memorials of been set up since the end of the events

  12. You can explore how there were certain myths related to the events and what they were

  13. You can explore how it transformed those who were drafted

  14. You can explore how those who were drafted still harboring negativity towards certain races
  15. You can explore the aftermath that was suffered by not only those who returned but by their families

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