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Research Paper Bibliography: Format Rules and Standards

When you are writing a research paper you have to include a citation for every note that you include. One of most important factors is evaluating the level of information and knowledge that your readers have. Deductive reasoning is often based on the idea that a particular set of circumstances or premises is given and from the given information a person can draw a conclusion or assumption about the state of that situation. To put it in simpler terms: a person is able to solve a puzzle or identify a particular person if there is enough information provided.

When writing this style of essay there are three parts that you need to include.

  1. Premise

    This is a basic belief or basic fact that you use in your essay as the basis for drawing all of your conclusions

  2. Evidence

    This is where you present the information that you have including observations and analyses.

  3. Conclusion

    The conclusion should wrap up your final analysis based on a balance between your premise and your evidence.

    A simple example of this would be:

    • Premise: All cats are animals.
    • Evidence: Sharon is a cat.
    • Conclusion: Sharon is an animal.

    Bearing that example in mind: if you used a quote from a source to state that all cats are animals then you need to include that source citation in your text and in the reference page. If you used another source to note that Sharon was a cat then you need to put in another citation.

When you write a research paper your bibliography is an important part. It is the part that other professionals can use to find the sources you used and verify your evidence.

When writing a research paper you will need to include the same basic components:

Bearing that in mind you also have to format these sections appropriate in alignment with the format assigned to you. The most common formats are:

The formats and standards differ slightly based on which format style you are using but the purpose of the bibliography remains the same: to give a source for the information that you reference in such a way that others can find it easily and review the source.

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