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A List of Research Paper Topics for Creating an Outstanding Project

A research paper is a work that requires extensive efforts to be taken by the researcher to raise greater awareness on the research problem discussed through research and to generate interest to cope with the research problem in an effective manner through a detailed analysis of the issue done through an extensive procedure of information collection through both primary and secondary sources in the form of past works and references in the subject interest and also personal data collection efforts made through interview procedures, basic groundwork on research subject, survey means and other modes of direct data collection.

But doing all these works in an orderly and systematic fashion there is a need to select a topic which is relevant to the current needs and concerns and all something that is significant with respect to current problems faced by the society in general to serve as a handy tool for discovering solutions to tackle with the problem and also facilitate for better understanding on the core issues involving the research problem or topic.

Also another criterion that must be noted with regard to this is to work on a subject or research topic that is widely in the interest of the researcher and the researcher is passionate about. Such interest would be reflected in the research work. Also a suitable research topic must be selected that has great potential to cover wide discussions, debates and arguments on the research topic along with the researcher having a persuasive bias towards the research topic and enough evidence to support his/ her viewpoints and opinions on the selected research topic as against a topic that bears minimum strength to be argues and debated on and minimal details with regard to the evidence for current existing literature on the chosen research subject.

Some research topics that are great for creating an exceptional project are:

  1. Jewish persecution has been the most drastic challenge faced by any religion so far
  2. Animal rights are to be equally represented as the kind of attention given to human rights
  3. The rising of flag in Battle of Iwo Jima was a historic moment for Americans
  4. Inter cultural communication is salient for diplomacy, MNC business and academic studies.
  5. Democracy in the Middle East nations does not necessarily reinstate peace in the region.

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