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General Instructions For Writing A Good Research Paper Conclusion

A research paper is one of the most complicated assignments students have to complete. They need to perform research, carry out literature review, gather relevant data, create proper structure and outline, choose a strong stance and support it with valid evidence. This task can be daunting for students because they are new to it. Different teachers have different requirements for the format and structure of a research paper. Some teachers prefer students to have a custom format and others like to receive the project in a standard format like MLA or APA.

If you are to write a winning paper for your college or university, you need to plan it wisely and keep the instructions of the teacher in your mind. This article will talk about composing a winning conclusion for your paper.

Before we move on to learn how to write a good conclusion for your assignment, it is important to understand the significance and purpose of the conclusion. A conclusion is the last paragraph of your research paper and needs to end on a clear and precise note. This is the summary of your entire work and needs to be clear enough. Do not allow any statements that contradict or confuse your readers. Remember that if you fail to write an effective conclusion, your efforts for the rest of the paper will be in vain.

Below are some important points to consider for writing the conclusion of your research paper

  1. Keep it precise
  2. Remember that quality writing does not mean including complex sentences and using irrelevant details. Make your paper as simple as possible and keep it brief. Your conclusion should not exceed a certain word count specified by your teachers

  3. Avoid repetition
  4. Even though you need to sum up the entire paper, still you need to make sure that ideas are not repetitive in your assignment. People do not have enough time to read the same data or ideas repeatedly

  5. Summarize all the important points
  6. All the major points in your paper must be present in the conclusion in a precise and effective manner.

  7. Do not introduce any new ideas
  8. Avoid introducing any new ideas at this point and only include what is relevant

  9. Give food for thought
  10. This helps you make a long lasting impression on the reader

  11. Allow future scope and research

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