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How to Write a Research Paper: Find a video Tutorial on Youtube

Using video tutorials to learn or perfect a skill has become a regular thing in our modern-day, technologically reliant society. By consulting Youtube, Internet users are able to learn how to anything, like how to fishtail braid, how to do a new snowboarding jump or how to make the perfect pie. Similarly to these fun hobbies, Youtube can also be consulted for video tutorial on how to write a research paper. In order to find helpful video tutorials on Youtube, you will want to determine your paper’s format, consider the assigned prompt, begin searching and consult many.

Determine Paper’s Format

Is your paper APA or MLA? You will be able to consult many Youtube tutorials that can assist you in the research paper writing process as far as MLA and APA formatting. When unsure how to format a quote or citation, a simple Youtube search will result in a highly explanative video on the subject of formatting a quote or citation.

Consider Assigned Prompt

Think about your assigned prompt. Is the research paper argumentative or analytical? Some research papers, argumentative, rely on proving a point (one way or the other), whereas other research papers, analytical, function to present and analyze compelling information. Videos on how to write an argumentative essay vs. an analytical essay will assist you.

Consult Many

When using Youtube tutorials to learn how to write a research paper, you will want to consult more than one video, and many videos if possible. By consulting many videos, you will be sure to have the information that is correct across the board, as Youtube is user based content so you want to use Youtube discerningly. Not to discredit Youtube by any means, it is a great resource, but we do recommend consulting a multitude of videos to locate the best information out there.

Explore Subject, Too

In addition to learning how to write a research paper, Youtube can also be a good resource to get more information on your subject. Many reputable resources like CNN, BBC, Animal Planet, and more have Youtube channels with great available research.

Using video tutorials on Youtube to learn how to write a research paper can help you in many aspects of the paper writing process. It can assist you with issues concerning syntax, format, as well as, information. By determining your paper’s format, considering the assigned prompt, searching Youtube and consulting many kinds of videos—Youtube can be a successful research paper teaching skill.

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