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Applying MLA Formatting Style to a Research Paper Cover Page

When you write a research paper you are required to use a particular formatting method. This method varies based on the course you are taking and the professor administering that course. If you are asked to write a research paper in MLA format then you need to know how to include a cover page. The cover page for an MLA paper is placed right on the first page of the text. You include the following information:





Title of the Research Paper

The first paragraph (or the introduction of your paper) begins here. You should make sure that it is double spaced and that you intent the beginning of each paragraph. You should make it size 12 font and use either Times New Roman or Arial as the font. Your professor may specify further. When you are done with your research paper you need to include the “works cited” page which lists all of your sources that are referenced in the research paper. It should start on a new piece of paper or new page and should have the title “Works Cited” centered at the top.

When you include different sections in your research paper you are welcome to incorporate different headings and subheadings to differentiate between the sections such as “literature review” or “methodology”. These do not need to be indented but they should be placed in between the paragraphs like so:

Literature Review

If you are reviewing literature as the background to your MLA research paper you can include a heading for it and begin the section directly beneath it indented just like you see in this example.


If you conducted an experiment and need to include standard scientific headings and subheadings for areas such as the methods you used for the experiment and the results of the experiment you can use what you see here and just start the paragraph indented on the next line.

Remember that when you write a research paper in MLA format you need to include the various citations in the text and the corresponding citation in the works cited page. You can refer to the MLA guidebook online or order the physical copy to reference how each of your sources should be cited. The sources need to be cited differently based on their type and the number of authors.

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