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How to Write a Good Term Paper Outline: Keep It Simple

When it is around that time of the year when teachers are looking for the right topic to assign to you for your term paper, you need to start prioritizing. A term paper is a really important task you have to complete because:

This article will guide you through the most simplistic ways to write a good term paper outline so that you can stay focused.


Term papers are normally broad topics and it’s up to you to narrow them down. You should start out by listing out all the possible focal points of the broad topic and then select a few that look interesting to you and you think you can do that point justice.


Once you have identified those you can write on, ask your colleagues, parents and even your teachers what they think. Getting another opinion is no crime in any law, so make full use of it. As the saying goes, 2 heads are better than 1.


Once you have consulted everyone you think would have something to say about your topic, pick one that you think you can write after everything else is taken into consideration. Make sure you stick to it because the last thing you want to do is switch between topics.


You are now ready to start sketching up your outline. You have your focus, now brainstorm on your focus. What are the things you can talk about? What specific ideas can you mention? What are the points you can satisfactorily do justice to without leaving much to question be the end of the essay? These are the questions you should ask yourself when you are doing your brainstorm. Whatever comes out of the brainstorm will make a good basis for your outline.

All that is left to do at this point is to sit down and write out your outline. Try not to take a break as soon as you’re done with that outline because you can then start writing your introduction. This way, you won’t lose track of your focus and your introduction will be done as well! Make sure you think about what you’re doing before actually doing it.

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